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Terms and Conditions

The identity of the controller

The affected data   www.pussgirls.com  Controller handles.


Concerned, any person who  www.pussgirls.com  visit website, its services are received. Furthermore, any person concerned, who takes pussgirls services, or attempt to do so, and doing so by the call for an pussgirls occurs, the pussgirls -elszerződést concludes.

 The pussgirls handles the following relevant information:

The  www.pussgirls.com  the event visit the website pussgirls system automatically records the IP address of the computer in question, the starting date of the visit, and in some cases - can be determined based on the type of browser and operating system, as well as the IP address - depending on the computer setting location.We use this information with other personal data can not be linked. The management of data solely for statistical purposes.

The pussgirls reserves the right to file that contains the affected machine data (cookies) in place.

Access to data managed,

The data is treated pussgirls ADMIN management accepts only in the event that makes available to advertisers surface if this complies with the relevant conditions of contract Terms of use.

 Amendment of the Terms and Conditions

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify this privacy policy unilaterally by the pre-Users, via the website and hints notification.

The subjects' rights.

The data subject has the right to correct the data.

Based on the user's own decision based on the given data and images PORTFOLIO edits, the user's discretion profile displays can be seen DETAILS portfolio. You PORTFOLIO final user data Edit Delete or deactivated.

The responsibility of the concerned

Stakeholders may grant only their own data. Ex .: Entering data with other people (photographs) - In the absence of consent - unlawful data handling, which may have consequences specified in separate legislation. For other personal information, with photographs of the abuse, the competent authorities shall assist pussgirls exploration of the infringement, in order to identify the perpetrator of the infringement.


Stakeholders complaints, kifogásaikkal can have direct access to the pussgirls who will do all it can to eliminate any possible violations and remedy. The pussgirls examine complaints submitted to it, and its position, measures taken to inform the data subject.

The senior official involved in 2011 on self-determination and the right to freedom of information. In view of the National Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Authority ( www.naih.hu ) and they also enforce judicial demand.