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General terms and conditions

  1. Term of the contract
    The present governing the relationship between the General Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") suppliers and visitors, on the other hand, the operator and the other statutory or implied kezét.Kifejezett the GTC website accessible to everyone at all times and recognize each www.pussgirls.com parties to the latest version.
  2. The range of services
    on existing Internet platform allows advertisers to the man and the female audience entertainment, amusement or recreation services to anyone who is at least 18 years old.

The Operator reserves the right to conditions of the offer at any time without prior notice of such.
In operation, the Service Provider is entitled to transfer all or part of the operation of a third party.

  1. Privacy
    Your personal information will only be used to process or execute this contract and will not be disclosed to third félnek.A protect privacy standards should be applied in accordance with the rule.
  2. Conditions
    This platform can be used only to natural or legal persons that are capable of consuming and have reached the legal age of majority.

The advertiser certifies that all public information is accurate, especially regarding the status of professional and business life information.

Advertisers agree not to post any unlawful or illegal photographs or pictures. Advertisers accept only published erotic photos or images that do not comply with pornography offenses do not show or advertise underage children or sodomy.
Furthermore, the protection of the rights of advertisers agree to personal publicity person.

  1. Execution of the contract and the date of service
    of the contract shall be deemed to be granted if the information (text, photos, contacts) has been sent by e-mail and the valid ajánlat.A announcement is only activated if paid advertising costs.
  2. The right to withdraw
    early withdrawal of time as possible, on the condition that the Operator completely harmless.
  3. Improper disclosure shows no
    indemnity payments shall be reported to the appropriate exploration or allow the operator within 10 days of the publication, which was accepted.
  4. Warranty liability and
    responsibility of the operator in the proper care of ügyfél.Hiányzik functional disturbances and interruptions of the continuous availability of services and certain transmission times or transmission capacities at all times there is no guarantee of service. The operator is not liable for proven damages incurred client intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract by the Operator. Each operator is responsible for direct or indirect damages, to the extent permitted by law are excluded.

Due to the increase in cyber crime and cyber-sabotage attacks, the claim of the contractual relationship, in particular, is expressly prohibited, unless the amount of damage detectable on behalf of the intentional or grossly negligent breach of contract by the operator.

Customers are responsible for the content of the ads. The customer declares that he / she must comply with the relevant statutory provisions and the sectoral legislation and the Service Provider is responsible for this. He / she shall indemnify the Operator as well as the officers and agents of any third party claims. In any case, he / she assumes all associated costs, claims or legal or other proceedings related costs arising from unauthorized third parties.

  1. Termination of the contract and / or breach of the GTC
    conduct that is contrary to law or contrary to the contract or violation of the Terms of Service Provider reserves the right to exclude customers without prior notice and without an Internet exchange in emelvény.Ezenkívül the exclusion of other causes, such inhumane acts, plots against third parties, human trafficking, fraud and defamation.
  2. Changes to the GTC
    These GTC are subject to change at any time, without notice, any okból.A existing contracts are not affected by the change (s). It accepts the need to demonstrate adequate GTC awarded the contract.
  3. jurisdiction and applicable law
    , the court exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court of the seat of the operator and the provisions of Swiss law exclusively.

These terms and conditions shall enter into force in 2016 augusztus.10